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Desunia 2 Pack Oval Closet Rod End Supports w Rear Facing 5mm Pins 15mm x 30mm Polished Chrome - BNK4SYGD2

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  • GREAT LOOK - Beautiful chrome finish goes great with our oval rods

  • USE ANYWHERE - Works on 32mm "system hole" closets or conventional wood cleating

  • ROBUST DESIGN - Made from cast metal (never stamped steel)

  • IT'S ALL HERE - Mounting hardware is included

  • YOU GET - 2 End supports

  • Desunia... The Closet Professionals!
    These oval rod end supports are the finest quality you’re ever find... bar none! If you’re outfitting a new closet, you be glad to know that these are the perfect companions to our oval rods. But they’re just as suitable if your aim is to replace the old end supports in your existing closet with something much nicer. Your closet never had it so good!

    "System Holes" Installation
    These end supports have two 5mm rear facing prongs that are 32mm apart. So if you have an IKEA type closet with rows of pre-drilled 5mm holes, you're in luck, because installation can literally be done in about 10 seconds, without any tools. Just pop them in at the desired height, put the oval rod in place and you're done! Of course, this assumes the rod is cut pretty precisely, as it serves to keep the end cups in place. If the rod is a little short, or you'd just like a little more security, add the provided 3/4" chrome screws for good measure.

    "Old School" Installation
    If you don't have a closet with pre-drilled holes and just want to use our supports in a more conventional fashion, you can do that as well. Just use a 3/16" bit and drill a couple of corresponding holes into your closet wood cleating, insert the support, and secure it with the provided screw. Then install the rod, admire your good work and start hanging clothes!

    Drywall Installation
    Due to it's nature, we don't recommed these end cups if you're looking to install directly over sheet rock. If that's your situation, please search for: B00KH8LZOA

    Here's what you get...
    - 2 polished chrome oval rod end supports
    - 2 chrome mounting screws

    Desunia 2 Pack Oval Closet Rod End Supports w Rear Facing 5mm Pins 15mm x 30mm Polished Chrome - BNK4SYGD2