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Desunia Oval Closet Rod Shelf Bracket Adjustable for Rear Cleat Strip White 2 Pack - B09QTVA72

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  • VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! - Will ONLY work on OVAL rods. Will NOT work on round rods. See pictures for futher details!

  • CLEVER DESIGN - automatically compensates for wall cleat if one is used

  • PLENTY OF STRENGTH - Solid steel construction

  • BEAUTIFUL FINISH - It has a beautiful white enamel painted finish to keep it looking new for years to come!

  • YOU GET - 2 Adjustable brackets with matching installation screws

  • Desunia... The Closet Professionals!

    These closet shelf brackets offer all sorts of versatility. For a really quick "down and dirty" installation, use them by themselves (in place of any wall cleats and end supports). Simply screw them right over the drywall (taking care to get a good bite into the studs), throw a shelf on top, cut the rod to length, and you can be hanging clothes inside of 30 minutes! Another approach would be to have a cleat on the back wall of the closet to give the shelf a little more support and to lend a more refined appearance to the job. This bracket can handle BOTH methods in a way we know you'll appreciate.

    Here's how it works... The horizontal and the angled members of the bracket are connected with a rivet through a slot, which allows each component to slide back and forth about 3/4". Because of this design innovation, any size cleat (up to 3/4") can be used, or no cleat at all, and the bracket will compensate automatically!. Oh, and BTW, there's another nice advantage to this design. It allows you to temporarily rotate the angled member of the bracket 90 degrees, giving you lots of elbow room to screw them in place! Sweet!

    These brackets can also be used in conjunction with our chrome end supports when there are extra wide spans to deal with. Just use cleating on the back and side walls, install the end supports as you normally would, and add brackets wherever you feel some additional support is called for.

    Here's what you get...
    - 2 white mid brackets
    - Matching installation screws

    Desunia Oval Closet Rod Shelf Bracket Adjustable for Rear Cleat Strip White 2 Pack - B09QTVA72