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Enoz Moth Ball Packets Ceder Scented Kills Clothes Moths Carpet Beetles and Eggs and Larvae - BC8XZMCDK

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  • ENOZ MOTH BALL PACKETS: These cedar scented moth ball packets kill clothes moths & carpet beetles & their eggs & larvae. Each packet is individually wrapped & ideal for flat storage areas, like drawers, blanket chests, sweater boxes & closet shelves.

  • KILLS CLOTHES MOTHS, EGGS & LARVAE: Enoz moth preventatives are a sure method of moth repellent. Enoz moth balls, cakes, and crystals kill clothing moths, moth eggs, and moth larvae, making them great for closets, drawers and storage.

  • SAY GOODBYE TO INDOOR BUG PROBLEMS: Flies, bees, roaches, moths, and mosquitos all have one thing in common--they aren't welcome in your home. From flyswatters to moth balls, cedar spray to roach powder, we have your pest repellent needs covered.

  • WILLERT HOME PRODUCTS: Willert Home Products began in 1946 with a single moth repellant product. Still owned & operated by the Willert family, we make over 100 home cleaning supplies & pest control items, including Ty-D-Bol, Bowl Fresh, airBOSS & Enoz.

  • IN AND AROUND THE HOME: That's the Enoz Zone! Keep your home pest free with Enoz bug repellent products. Fighting an infestation isn't easy, so let Enoz help if you've been pleased with Terro traps, Neem oil, Ecosmart Organic Insect Killer & Greenerways.

  • Enoz is the only brand of Moth Preventives still made in the USA! All Enoz products are EPA approved and provide the only sure method of killing destructive moths, moth eggs and larvae. Enoz Moth Ball Packets were specially developed to provide the unsurpassed protection of mothballs without the harsh smell and messy residue. Enoz Moth Ball Packets combines one of the most effective mothproofing ingredients available with a fresh scent to create a hard-working mothball that actually smells good! These fresh-smelling mothballs are enclosed in breathable paper packets that allow the active ingredient to work while protecting your valuable belongings from insect damage.

    Enoz Moth Ball Packets Ceder Scented Kills Clothes Moths Carpet Beetles and Eggs and Larvae - BC8XZMCDK