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Genuine Reliable A-Shelf TRC-12CR 12-Inch Side Mount Extending Tie Rack Chrome 2 Pack TRC-12CR - BXJATIP9S

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  • A-Shelf TRC-12CR 12-Inch Side Mount Extending Tie Rack, Chrome (2 Pack)

    Rid your closet of its unorganized mess and neatly hang your belts, ssccarves, or ties with this A-Shelf Chrome 12-Inch Side-Mount Extending Tie Rack.
    This 12-inch tie rack features a plated chrome finish and organizes your tie collection while adding a sleek, modern design to your closet. Hang your ties on any of the 23 conveniently placed hooks for easy access to your ties without shuffling through your ddresser drawers. The full-extension design lets you place this tie rack anywhere in your closet without worrying about having to overreach.
    Also featuring a ball-bearing slide, you’ll have no problem reaching each one of your ties. Installation is made easy with the included mounting hardware thhat installs on either the left or right side of your closet. This way, you can customize this tie rack to fit the personalized way to store your ties.
    Double-check your cabinet opening to allow the best fit. Measure side to side, front to back, and top to bottom. Double-check to make sure your product is within measurements and don't forget to take into account any obstructions.
    Get the storage for your ties you want without ssacrificing style with this 12-Inch Side-Mount Extending Tie Organization Rack from A-Shelf.

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    Genuine Reliable A-Shelf TRC-12CR 12-Inch Side Mount Extending Tie Rack Chrome 2 Pack TRC-12CR - BXJATIP9S